Inaugural Los Angeles Children's Book Festival Comes to West Hollywood Park

West Hollywood, CA – July 2023

The city of West Hollywood is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with the American Born Chinese Foundation to present the first-ever Los Angeles Children's Book Festival. This exciting event, set to take place in the newly renovated West Hollywood Park, aims to celebrate children's literature, foster a love for reading, and provide a platform for both young readers and aspiring authors to engage with the magical world of books.

The Los Angeles Children's Book Festival is a remarkable endeavor that seeks to fill a void in the cultural landscape of the city. Despite being a hub of creativity and diversity, Los Angeles has been missing a dedicated children's book festival. This partnership between West Hollywood and the American Born Chinese Foundation is set to change that, offering families and young readers an immersive experience that celebrates storytelling and the joy of reading. "We are excited to bring this exceptional event to West Hollywood Park," says Bonnie Hyde, Founder and CEO of the American Born Chinese Foundation. "Our goal is to create a space where children and families can explore the enchanting world of literature, meet talented authors and illustrators, and develop a lifelong passion for reading."

The festival will feature a wide range of activities catering to children of all ages, including interactive storytelling sessions, book readings by renowned authors, creative writing workshops, and engaging arts and crafts activities. Local authors and illustrators will be present to share their insights, inspirations, and stories behind their creations. "We believe that books have the power to ignite imaginations and inspire young minds," says Moya of the West Hollywood City. "This festival is a celebration of the magic that happens when young readers connect with captivating stories, diverse characters, and the joy of reading."

The Los Angeles Children's Book Festival is scheduled to take place at the newly renovated West Hollywood Park, providing a safe and vibrant space for families to come together and celebrate the world of children's literature. The event is set to be an annual tradition, with plans to expand and evolve in the coming years, making it an essential fixture in the city's cultural calendar. For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, or further information, please contact: Brett Glatman, [email protected].

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About the American Born Chinese Foundation
The American Born Chinese Foundation stands as a vibrant public charity, dedicated to nurturing bilingual literacy in children while celebrating AAPI pride and promoting inclusivity. By fostering a love for reading and empowering the next generation with bilingualism, the foundation plays a pivotal role in cultivating cultural understanding and a profound sense of identity. With a commitment to bridging gaps and fostering a sense of belonging, the foundation invites the community to join in championing bilingual literacy and embracing diverse cultures for a brighter future.

About West Hollywood 
West Hollywood, or WeHo, is a dynamic LA city celebrated for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity, thriving arts scene, and iconic Sunset Strip nightlife. It's a creative hub that embraces diversity and hosts cultural events, making it a unique and vibrant part of Southern California's culture.

About West Hollywood Park
West Hollywood Park, recently revitalized with a budget of $120 million, now stands as a modern oasis in the heart of the city. The renovation introduced a rooftop pool, a library bookstore with classrooms, a serene shaded area, ample picnic benches, a dedicated children's park, and even spaces for our furry friends to play. It's a multifaceted haven that caters to diverse interests and offers a welcoming environment for everyone.

About the Los Angeles Children's Book Festival
The Los Angeles Children's Book Festival is an annual event dedicated to celebrating children's literature, fostering a love for reading, and providing a platform for young readers and authors. The festival is a collaboration between the city of West Hollywood and the American Born Chinese Foundation.